When you are not there to collect… what exactly-are people looking for in art fairs? 

If you attended the NY Art Fairs or the Whitney Biannual, I am curious to hear about your experiences, please share your images and stories with us.

Reflecting back on the 2017 NY art fairs, do you recall a specific physical experience with a painting or sculpture that continues to resonate with you? Did you photograph it, or research the artist? When you look at work in art fair-sized quantities, what are you seeking out? 

For me, I find myself looking for shared dialogue, within an art work’s visual language. I identify trends in material use and form and then analyze them. I’ll look at process, technique and methods – and also the rejection of these things. I peek around corners, knowing that “the” piece that I am searching for might be a small drawing or a sculpture in the backroom/closet of the booth. Emotionally, I am looking to find a moment with a piece of art that I can be absorbed into. To observe a transformation of materials, to find a simple truth reflected in the work and to be able to participate with the work on some physical/emotional/social level.

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